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Special Edition Poetic Rage Pre-Release Offer
Octave Match Records is proud to release Poetic Rage, Special Edition from
Fall of Envy. This Special Edition release includes four bonus tracks, including
two previously unreleased tracks. This special edition recording will be
available to the general public on February 21, 2012.
However, through this exclusive offer, a very limited number of special
packages are available for purchase through January 31, 2012.
Each package contains:
Special Edition Download Card. Each card is a VIP
backstage styled card (3.5" X 5") with black lanyard.
Black, super light weight (4.3 oz), 100% cotton t-shirt.
Download card provides access to exclusive hd video
and high resolution photos.
Each download card has a unique code that can be used
to receive ALL future Fall of Envy recordings via download
for free, plus discounts on other merchandise from Fall
of Envy and Octave Match Records.
Dedicated to the memory of Greg Harrington
This special package is dedicated to the memory of Greg Harrington. The
shirt design and artwork with Greg's image will only be available through
this one time offer. Once they are sold out, no more will be made available.
Poetic Rage Special Edition
Pre-Release Package
For questions about your order please
contact us at
This package is no longer